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About Equilibrium

Equilibrium aims to be the market leader in innovative, practical Wellness Solutions for individuals and companies in London.

We specialise in individual wellness programmes and small group Personal Training. Equilibrium works with its corporate clients to address common muscle and postural imbalances in the workplace and to optimise staff health and wellbeing.

About Lyndon Littlefair

man running on beach pictureThe driving force behind Equilibrium is Managing Director Lyndon Littlefair. Lyndon has worked in the fitness industry since 1992.

His experience includes one-to-one and small group Personal Training, specialising in:

  • Postural Correction and Back Care
  • Post Operative and Injury Rehabilitation
  • Pre and Post Natal Training
  • Weight Management
  • Sports Specific Coaching.

Lyndon has extensive management experience, managing and designing the operational systems for both new and established Health Clubs and Personal Training sites. He has also lectured in Health Club Management in Australia.


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Although heavily involved in running the business, Lyndon still trains clients on a daily basis. He is continually updating his knowledge as he wants to keep up with all of the latest research and developments. By continuing to improve his skills, he is best able to provide the best possible service to his clients. “The person that knows it all hasn’t even begun to learn.”

His qualifications include:

  • BA In Ed (Phys. Ed) - Edith Cowan University, Australia.
  • Performance Enhancement Specialist - National Academy of Sports Medicine, USA.
  • Kinetic Chain Assessment Specialist - Fully Integrated Training Systems, UK
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach - Australian Sports & Conditioning Association, Australia.
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach - Paul Chek Seminars, USA
  • CHEK Level 1 Practitioner.